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Tips to make moving house easier for your pets

When moving home, people often need advice on how to make the move better for their pets.

Pets can find moving home stressful

Animals can find moving home a stressful experience, but advice is being offered as to how people can settle their pets into a new property with minimum distress.

David Wilson Homes have shared advice for making a hassle-free move with pets, ensuring that they feel safe.

Provide a comfortable journey to a new home.

When transporting a pet to a new home, owners should allow their pets to steadily enter their new environment.

It is recommended that travel crates are used which can be moved easily from the vehicle to the house.

When at the new home, those with nervous pets should open the door to the crate and let their animal come out in their own time when they are feeling confident, allowing to explore their new surroundings at their own pace.

Settle pets into their new surroundings.

It is advised that pet owners make the environment both relaxed and fun to make their pets feel at ease in their new environment.

If you make sure their toys are already there when they leave their crate, and greet them with one of their favourite treats, it will reinforce a positive impression when your pet enters their brand new home.

Take the time to play with them and their favourite toy in the home or garden – animals pick up on human behaviour, so staying relaxed and using a positive tone will help them to feel more at ease.

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